Best Embroidery Machine for Hats in 2021 | Top 5 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Embroidery Machines for HatsThe demand for embroidery hats has enhanced manifolds in the present days. Hats with embroidered logs are a classic illustration of contemporary fashion. These products have come into being for boosting the brand identity of the business as well as advertising campaigns. Thus, the hats contribute to being of the well renowned and best-selling fashion accessories.

It is necessary to get the right stitching so that the customized hat can accomplish the looks. For a prolonged time, people are making the best use of their skills to create unique decorations on fabric with an eye to enhance their beauty. The embroidery machine for hats is worthwhile to mention in this aspect as they are meant for the objective of embroidery. They confer unique functions for embroidering on the hat material.

To assist you in finding the best embroidery machine for hats, we have compiled the reviews of the best embroidery machines for the purpose along with extensive information on that. You will be able to make a better and informed buying decision as you go through this extensive buying guide:

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 Embroidery MachineThis embroidery machine is designed for beginners and embroidery enthusiasts. It is packed with a lot of features which in turn helps in producing clean embroidery stitches. With a bunch of stitch options, you can embroider the hat, catering to your needs by choosing this model.

Again, the automatic thread cutter is a unique feature of this embroidery machine which cuts the lower and upper threads after completing a project. Want to know the best part? You can activate the function with the single touch of the button.

The Backlit LCD Touch Screen Display of this model is 1.4″X2.7″ which confers the ultimate comfort to you while threading. Also, this feature allows you to navigate through different parts of this embroidery machine. Other than this, it also gives a sophisticated and classy look to the machine.

Users appreciate this model as they can download the embroidery designs online through the USB drive after which they need to use the ready-made USB port for uploading them onto the machine. In addition to this, with the LCD touch screen, you have the opportunity to edit the designs multiple times. Whether you want to reduce or raise the size of the design, rotate or create the mirror images, this feature sums it all.

Apart from this, it boasts of intuitive design and thus, newbie use this machine without giving too many efforts. The presence of 6 ready-made lettering fonts and 136 unique embroidery designs motivates people to come up with the designs of their choice for these hats. After in-depth research, I came to know that even people with low light vision use this product as it is easy to load it due to the top drop-in load.

The Embroidery Card Slot amazes the end users on a wide scale for getting more reusable designs of embroidery. Hence, you have the luxury to save the desired designs without the need to overload the memory. Other accessories, which are included with this model are screwdrivers, cleaning brush, accessory bag, scissors, dust cover, spool caps, seam ripper, embroidery arm, embroidery hook, to name a few. It possesses a work area of 5 inch X 7 inch which offers sufficient space to complete the lettering work and larger designs.


Auto thread trimmer

Automatic needle threader

Embroidery card slot

Large embroidery area

Backlit LCD touch screen display

Built-in memory

Design editing features

Easy to set bobbin

  • Easy to use
  • Great embroidery quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Easy to learn
  • Hassle-free threading
  • Need to adjust the tension
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Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine 

Janome MB 4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine with included Hat HoopThis embroidery machine is suitable for users who intend to start their embroidery business. People highly recommend this product due to the four needles by which you can set up as well as move to the other project in no time. It is known to work with every type of format. And it does not end here! These four needles impart the possibilities for formulating colorful embroidery within a short period. Consequently, it is a huge benefit over those embroidery machines with a single needle.

After thorough research, we have concluded that this machine imparts the fastest possible speed. This model generates a maximum embroidery speed of about 800 stitches every minute and so, the projects can be finished within the record time.

The automatic needle threader lends a helping hand in cutting the thread automatically, thereby saving time and energy. Besides this, the bobbin winding motor is a premium feature of this unit which is useful in winding the new bobbins as you try to stitch the design. As the unit comprehends more ready-made designs, users enjoy the luxury to choose and sire any design, as per their preferences. Speaking of this, this embroidery machine gets holds of 50 unique built-in embroidery designs through which you can complete the projects faster. Few users love the ten monogramming fonts in particular which provide the alternative to them for applying the initials on the creations.

The remote computer screen or RCS is the unique selling point of this hat embroidery machine which is beneficial in managing various settings. It opens doors to view the visual image of different settings and designs. You will be amazed to know that RCS incorporates 65,536 colors, and thus save a lot of money. The programmable jump threading is important in making the product remain precise and tidy, which in turn helps in boosting productivity.

Additionally, the 3 MB of memory makes room for storing up to 100 designs and 1,500,000 stitches. The upper thread and pressure foot sensor locks the machine, with the detection and incorrect positions and settings, which in turn is useful in preventing accidental mistakes. Since the bobbin of this model is almost 40% larger, in comparison to the normal bobbins, embroidery the hat becomes a breeze. The motor of the bobbin is useful in winding the bobbin without the need to unthread the model.

Again, the 4 LED lights, present on the upper part of the needle brightens the work area. This is an extensive feature that prevents any interruption in work, even during the low light conditions. Even though the product constitutes an on-board sub-control, it is possible to use the same without any controller.


Automatic Thread Cutter

Bobbin Winding Motor

LED Light

On-board sub-control device

3GB memory

Remote Computer Screen

  • Easy to navigate
  • Efficient to use
  • Effortless setup
  • Easy to learn
  • Cost-effective
  • Not beginner-friendly
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Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1900 Embroidery MachineIf you want to invest in an embroidery machine for hats, you can rely on this versatile machine. You can do sewing as well as embroidery with this machine. Hence, users count on it for small business and home use. It is loaded with features that can be availed in high-end embroidery and sewing machine.

The presence of these automatic features contributes to using this product as a breeze. It gives the ultimate peace of mind with the automatic tension so that you do not need to encounter the troubles of adjusting tension manually.

Thus, once you choose a stitch, it will set a tension value on its own, following the selected stitch. The brightwork area happens to be another notable feature that has grabbed many eyeballs. The built-in LED provides warm lights to the users during embroidering in the low lighting conditions. This is particularly beneficial as you work on dark fabrics.

On top of this, this model embraces 11 different embroidery fonts and 138 ready-made designs that assist in bringing the best possible embroideries on hats. You can change your imagination into reality with the aid of the 240 ready-made sewing stitches as well as 10 unique styles of auto-size buttonholes.

The primary feature of this model is the 5 X 7 inches field by which you can do the monogramming and embroidery work with reduced rehooping. Due to the larger work area, it is possible to work on the minute details much easier.

Other than this, this model impresses the audience with its top drop and quick set bobbin which eliminates the requirements for drawing the bobbin thread on your own. Instead, the product is capable of pulling it automatically up as the user begins to sew. While choosing the stitches, you have the prerequisite option to select the stitch, which begins with the reverse or reinforcement stitch.

Because of this, the audience does not need to worry about reverse sewing for locking the stitch before switching. An applaud of thanks to the large screen of this model which opens the door for opportunities for viewing the thread colors and introducing changes and edits in the design.

As a result, you will have the luxury to find the designs in the full color. In this way, you can bring out the best embroidery designs on the hat. With the aid of the USB port, it is possible to download multiple stitches for more customization. Several users prefer the Custom Stitch option for saving the design of your choice for the near future.


Drop-in top bobbin

138 built-in designs

240 built-in stitches

11 embroidery fonts

5″ x 7″ embroidery field

Large touch screen

Built-in USB port

Automatic needle threader

  • Easy to use
  • Touch screen
  • Durable
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Effortless switching between embroidery and sewing
  • A little bit noisy
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Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery MachineThose who want to create an embroidery of a professional level are sure to reap benefits by choosing this model. With the options for limitless designs, it is the winner of the Women’s Choice Award in the year of 2018. You can consider using either of the built-in embroidery designs, like seasonal patterns, florals, elegant frames, kid-friendly designs, stitch patterns.

Along with this, this embroidery machine for hat features 11 monogramming fonts. You will be please to know that the LCD technology of this model lets you view the designs in the full colors.

Moreover, the ready-made color palette of this product is designed to check which color groups are fitting the design. This offers the prerequisite chance to select the threads. The 5″ X 7″ embroidery field is ideal as you work on the larger designs.

On the grounds of that, you do not need to move the fabric time and again, and instead, you can keep re-hooping. As the majority of the embroidery machines for hats, it takes pride in the automatic needle threader that motivates you to work constantly, easily, and faster.

The supreme design editing turns out the unique selling point of this unit which grants you the options to come up with embroidery designs. It is inclusive of rotate and mirror image options. It also confers the capabilities for reducing and enhancing the size of the designs. The USB connectivity is a must-have feature of high-end embroidery machine. And this product is not lagging in this aspect.

By virtue of it, users get the liberty to download more designs without the need to involve the additional software so that they can introduce the most unique embroidery machines for hats. Another crucial feature that should not be overlooked is the ultra-bright work area which is brightened by the ready-made LED lights which impart the chance to sew as well as embroider even in dark.

So, users see their work vividly and clearly and as a result of which, you will find that the embroidery patterns are more refined. Again, it possesses a quick set bobbin which makes setting the bobbin a breeze. In this embroidery package, you will get Cap Hoop, Stabilizer, Thread Converter Pro III, Prewound Bobbins, Embroidery Designs CD, Thread W/Thread Box, Sock Hoop, Stork Embroidery scissors, Embroidery Thread W/Thread Box.


LCD Touch Screen Display

11 lettering fonts

130 Ready-made embroidery designs

5″ X 7″ embroidery field

Quick set bobbing system

Built-in automatic needle threader

  • User friendly
  • Longevity
  • Good for beginners
  • Versatile
  • Well built
  • Larger work area
  • Great looks
  • No storage space
  • It is only an embroidery machine; it cannot sew.
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SINGER Futura XL-550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

SINGER Futura XL-580 Embroidery and Sewing MachineFor those who are fond of embroidering and sewing at once, this model is the top brand. This product has every single feature which is ideal for embroiders and sewers of various levels. With a total of almost 50 embroidery designs and a 6.75 X 4-inch hoop, it assists in replenishing the unique details to the borders as you try to accomplish the large size products. So, the limitless embroidery designs help in increasing creativity. Elders with poor eyesight also like this machine due to the Future XL Swift smart threading systems. You can find the instructions about this on the chassis of the machine.

Because of the free arm convertible option and pressure foot sensor, you can get the optimal angle to sew the sleeves, collars, cuffs, pant hems, and smaller expansion of the fabrics. Plus, the automatic foot pressure of this model makes sewing and embroidering on the heavier fabrics a piece of fabric. The potential audience finds this product more interesting due to the presence of 125 built-in embroidery designs, dual fully automatic buttonholes, 215 ready-made sewing stitches, outline lettering, and five fonts.

By any means, you do not need to strain your eyes anymore because the manufacturer has included LED options in this unit which illuminates the work area with more light and so you can view the work at ease. Another compelling feature of this unit is the advanced design edit feature which provides the prerequisite choice of personalizing the patterns via the computer screen.

So, multiple users combine various ones to produce a unique design. Identically, you will notice that this unit has an extra-large sewing space which imparts additional space for accomplishing large projects and quilts. Want to know another wonderful thing? You do not require pulling the bobbin thread up manually any more accordingly due to the drop and sew bobbin system.


Automatic Needle threader

LED option

Computerized embroidery system

Dual fully automatic one-step buttonholes

125 Built-in embroidery design

Drop and Sew Bobbin System

Swift Smart Threading system

  • Extra-large sewing space
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Value for money
  • Hassle-free use
  • Time-saving
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • It does not come with a knee lifter
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Guide to buying embroidery machine for hats

Wondering how to buy embroidery machine for hats? Well, follow the below-mentioned parameters so that you can find the machine of your choice in the market without too many hurdles:

Automatic color changing

It is ideal to pick an embroidery machine for hats which entail automatic color changing feature. It is a must to go for an embroidery machine with automatic color changing feature so that you do not need to face too many challenges while using the machine. It is frustrating and annoying to change colors with each turn. Henceforth, you should pay the prerequisite attention to the performance of the machine with the change in the colors.

Size of the embroidery field

Since embroidery involves a wider range of different kinds of material, the size of the embroidery field is a crucial parameter; you need to take into account while purchasing the embroidery machine for hats. Henceforth, it is better to buy a machine with a large workspace. This ensures that you will gain success in working on large projects and quilts without too many challenges.

Anti-jamming Feature

Whether you are a newbie to embroidering or you are a pro, you do not want to work on a machine that gets jammed now and then. It takes an ample amount of time to set the machine. But, as you purchase an embroidery machine that is resistant to jam, you will be successful in completing the job faster. Hence, this feature is accountable for saving your precious time.


It is always wonderful to invest in a machine that can be moved from one place to the other at ease. It is particularly useful if you are a travel freak or you have to travel frequently due to unavoidable reasons. This is always needful if you live in a compact home. You can carry the machine to the other room in the blink of an eye and continue your work without any interruption.

Number of needles

If you are searching for an embroidery machine that can be used for developing a colorful logo with varied colors, it is a must to ensure that the embroidery machine has more needles. While a few of them have a minimum of 6 needles, you can also find some embroidery machines with 15 needles. If there are fewer needles, you need to change the needles now and then for switching colors and this makes your job tougher than ever. Hence, you should ensure that the embroidery machine for hats you are choosing should have more needles.

Hat loop

When you want the embroidery machine just for hats, this is one premium factor, which you cannot ignore. Hence, it is a must that the model, you have selected should be inclusive of standard hat hoop. While they are not a must need for embroidering caps and hats, you can procure peace of mind that the results will be way better as you pick an embroidery machine with a hat loop.

USB connectivity

It is another vital parameter; you need to take into account while buying the embroidery machine for hats. The presence of this feature helps in importing or downloading the designs to the machine from the computer. It is particularly beneficial in case you are designing a specific project on the computer.

Limitless fonts and designs

For a plethora of sewers, it is believed to be a vital feature primarily while embroidering the hats. As you find a machine in the market which has unlimited designs and fonts, you can select from several options. In this context, you need to assure that the machines are having ready-made designs, fonts, and stitches. Hence, you do not need to carry the troubles of thinking of designs from your own.

Your needs

People who want an embroidery machine for hats for producing fewer designs should choose a model that can be availed at the most affordable prices. However, if you intend to use the machine for commercial reasons, it is better to search for a high-end machine. While such machines might not be cost-effective, you are sure to get a plethora of advantages by choosing such units.

Hassle-free set up

No one wants to invest in an embroidery machine which is hard to set up. After all, no one has that prolonged time for switching the threads out. Speaking of this, it is mandatory to find an embroidery machine which confers easiness to put the hat within the loop. While it might take some time for practicing it, once you become a pro in it, you will find it worth it.


While purchasing the embroidery machine for a hat, you need to check out whether the company is doing around for some time. This primarily holds good as you pick an embroidery machine for doing the most attractive designs on hats. If you can think of spending a handsome amount of money on the embroidery machines, you are going to procure immense performance and create the most unique designs like never before.


Here is a list of a few of the frequently asked questions we often come across while purchasing embroidery machine for hats:

How are you going to select the right stabilizer?

If you want to embroider, it is necessary to make sure that the fabric is very taut and smooth. For achieving this, several sewers make the best use of the stabilizers. Want to know what is a stabilizer? It is a patch for making the fabric firm. if you fail to view the other side of the fabric from the specific embroidery, you should be using the permanent cut-ones. You need to remember that it relies on the kind of project, which you are creating.

Can I embroider on leather with these machines?

Leather is a material of high thickness. The traditional embroidery machines available in the market are composed of fabrics like fleece and cotton. For embroidering on thick fabric, the model must have a stronger needle, foot so that you can work on it easily. You can, of course, try your embroidery skills on thin pieces of leather. But, you should not try it on thicker pieces of leather.

Which threads should I choose for embroidering?

Primarily two kinds of sewing thread are available in the market, which is polyester and cotton. Cotton is a well-preferred choice to seek a better finish. You can get a look like hard embroidery as you embroider with cotton. It is also loved by users due to its nice looks. They help in producing awesome designs that might add to the style quotient.

Do I need any special needles for embroidering on hats?

It is essential to utilize special needles for embroidering on hats. They are primarily made to work on polyester and rayon embroidery threads as well as various fabrics. In light of this, needles of 75/11 size are to be mentioned. For embroidering hats, larger needles are a must need as they help in generating the special designs on the hats.

Things to avoid during the embroidering of hats

There are certain things, you need to avoid at the time of embroidering hats.

Do not run the machine too fast

Embroidering is an art and you need to give the prerequisite attention to the minute details with utmost patience. You will not receive the optimum results if you use this machine too fast. As a result, you should emphasize that the embroidery machine should provide less than 750 stitches in every minute. Subsequently, you need to use the machine more slowly while working on the curved surfaces.

Do not place the digitized embroidery files wrongly

You should pay the prerequisite attention that the files are not digitized properly. The embroidery files, you are going to digitized, needs to be as per the right project. For instance, you cannot make the best designs for a curved surface of the pre-designed hat with the designs of the flat fabric.

Do not forget to check the bobbins and change the needles

It is crucial to change the needles on time and check the bobbin before you begin your embroidery on hats.

Refrain from embroidering on thicker materials

You should abstain from trying to embroider thicker materials like leather. It is extremely challenging to devise designs on the thicker materials. Because of this, it is always better to compose the designs of materials of reduced thickness and you will love the designs that come out.

End Words

If you are fond of embroidery and want to craft small or large scale designs, you can opt for these embroidery machines without a second thought. The embroidery machines for hats help you in using images and text in the designs. While the purchase of these machines might seem to break your wallet, with time, you will feel that these machines are worth the price. The machines included above have satisfied several clients across the globe. You can fabricate designs on a larger area easily by choosing either of these machines.

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