How to learn tailoring

How to learn tailoringThere are several ways of learning tailoring. One important thing is that you need to find the right tools that work best for you. Most people learn to tailor with just the simple use of a needle and thread. Some tailors have had the chance of learning at school or home, making it easier for them if they plan to take on as a profession.

What You Need to Know About Tailoring

We all know how this goes; you got a sewing machine you’ve always wanted as a Christmas gift from that best friend who knows this is what you have been looking for throughout the year. You start dreaming of how you’re going to sew beautiful dresses for your daughter, Halloween costumes, and even some clothing for yourself that will make you look like you lost some pounds. The dream comes to an end when you try tailoring. You met with terms like bobbing or backstitching, and you have no clue what they mean. Learning to sew can be amazing. You can create new projects, alter some of your clothes that don’t fit or even make quilts. It’s not that hard, and it just needs patience and more practice. All in all, it all starts from within you have to tell yourself you need to learn these skills or be told with someone, and eventually, you get motivated.

The things you need to know about a Sewing Machine

You might be lucky and get a sewing machine as a gift. The cost of a sewing machine ranges from $99 to $2000. It can become tiresome when trying to figure out which one is best for you.  Well, here are some things you should consider when purchasing a sewing machine;

  • Budget:

    The first thing you should focus on while purchasing a sewing machine is the price. Are you looking for something on the low end or something with a bit more money?

  • Sewing Machine Features:

    There are sewing machines with lots of features that may not be suitable for beginners. At the same time, beginners will become experienced at the end, leading you to choose a new version. So, it will be wise to choose a sewing machine that can be handled by both novice and intermediate users.

  • Online vs local purchase:

    Are you comfortable ordering online or getting it locally? Some local company offers free training session or shows you the essential tips and equipment while online purchasing does not have this facility though sometimes they share video tutorials.

  • Types:

    Do you prefer something simple or one with several whistles and bells? Both are excellent options, but simple can be great sometimes. Think about what pleases you.

Now you got your sewing machine, and it’s time to start, but that can be a bit intimidating because you still have no clue where to begin. Grab your user’s manual and sit down with the machine and get to learn how it works. Start by practicing threading and how to set up the machine. So now you need to get necessary supplies like thread, fabric, some pins, seam ripper, bobbins, and scissors. As mentioned before, some companies offer sewing lessons. You can also find a friend or relative who can guide you through the basics. The first lessons are essential to grab as they help you throughout.

Methods to Develop Your Sewing Skills

Method 1:

Master various sewing techniques to develop your skills. You can seek professional help or get them from the internet. It’s also good to practice on your own if you want to be an exceptional tailor. Start by learning how to use a needle and thread. Try basic stitches or joining pieces of fabric. Additionally, learn other methods of sewing like the zigzag stitches for more reinforcement and backstitching to create hems.

You can start by stitching some pieces of fabric before trying out clothing. Familiarize yourself with various techniques in case they’re needed. Visit bookshops or a library to get more information on topics about sewing.

Method 2:

Part of being a tailor involves repairing worn-out clothes, which also involves replacing buttons with the single use of a thread and needle. To be able to sew a button onto a cloth, pass the needle through the buttonholes and into the fabric, and back up through a different hole. Do this several times on all holes while rapping the thread around it to ensure it’s firm. Practice fixing worn-out clothes.

Method 3:

Now train yourself with the sewing machine you purchased and use different materials. Sewing machines are faster than using a needle and thread, and most tailors use it to save time. Sewing machines have the option of adjusting your settings for stitches you do by hand. Try to familiarize yourself with different settings and needles using different fabrics. Always use a tape measure or other measuring tools to get a customer’s body measurements. Practice taking measurements from your friends, family, or volunteers.

Some Helpful Tips!

Start with the fore stitch. This helps in the muscle memory of the movements while stitching. Hold the needle in a way your fingers are a quarter inch from the point, ensuring you have a quarter-inch stitch. Repeat this exercise a couple of times until you get each fore-stitch evenly spaced and in a straight line, and have full control over the thimble and needle. It can take up to a month, depending on how you often practice. Once you get the flow of stitching techniques, you are ready to create your first garment.

Know various machine:

Get to learn how to use various sewing machines with different garments to master your skills. Though it is not a comfortable journey, but patience and practice will eventually take you there. You can also try fixing worn-out clothes for your friends and family to keep your skills in check. Watch online videos of various designs and try them out and see where your skills lie. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities out there to try out as you learn more about tailoring. Seeking professional help and insight is an excellent way to get your started if you think of partaking it as a career.

This is something that can take you some time, and the good thing is when you learn a skill with your hand, it is challenging to forget. This is how learning a skill is more important. With practice, you will become exceptional as time goes by.


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