Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Best Sewing and Embroidery MachineWe say congratulations to you if you have just graduated from a fashion designing school. You may have decided to start sewing from the comfort of your home. That’s a good decision as a beginner. What you need now to get started is the best sewing and embroidery machine. If that’s what you are looking for, then, you have come to the right place.

Both Brother and SINGER have great sewing and embroidery machines for both beginners and professionals. All of the machines chosen in this article have been tested and trusted. They are durable, functional and versatile. We are going to diligently review these products one by one in this article so you can make an enduring and lasting choice. It takes just a few minutes to read through the article. So, sit back and relax as we review the 7 best sewing and embroidery machines so you can become an expert sewer.

Top 7 Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Brother SE400

Create stunning projects with the Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery machine. The machine is perfect for embroidery, sewing, crafting and home décor tasks. This is a highly computerized machine that makes your work easier. It is feature-rich making it the darling of both beginners and professionals.

With the Brother SE400, you can drop in design from any USB device and the machine will create it like a plotter. Whatever design that you have is editable right from the backlit LCD touchscreen display. The design editing features include mirror-images, rotation, reducing and increasing the size of the design. It comes with a free USB cable. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its computerization capability is not limited to embroidery, it features 67 built-in stitches, 70 built-in designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 lettering fonts to help you make incredible projects. There is also the embroidery card slot. When it comes to speed, the machine has a decent speed that makes it a perfect choice for beginners. It has a sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. No more frustrations and straining of the eye with the automatic needle thread system. Just with one-touch and the needle is threaded. The machine offers an easy bobbin-winding system that prepares bobbins quickly and fast.

There is an assortment of accessories which include 4” x 4” embroidery hoop, embroidery arm, softcover, free arm, power cord, USB cable, accessory feet such as blind stitch foot, embroidery foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, button fitting foot and monogramming foot. Others are accessory bag with screwdrivers, scissor, and seam ripper. There is also a cleaning brush, needle set and bobbins and an operation manual that is written in English and Spanish. For peace of mind, the Brother SE400 comes with a 25-year warranty.

  • Supports USB for the downloading of different designs
  • Comes built-in tutorials that can be viewed on the LCD touchscreen
  • The automatic needle threading system
  • Connectivity to the computer through the USB port
  • 850 stitches per minute embroidery sewing speed
  • Easy to use with built-in tutorials and a quick-start guide
  • The machine is versatile and reliable
  • Small working space of 4 inches by 4 inches
  • There is no automatic thread cutter
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Brother SE600

Expand your horizon with the 2-in-1 Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine. This machine helps you to bring your creativity to life. The computerized machine is packed full of features that both beginners and professionals would fall in love with. It comes with 103 built-in stitches for the decoration of different craft items with amazing stitch patterns. Another impressive feature is the 80 built-in embroidery designs. This is an excellent feature used for the decoration of fabrics. There is an internal memory to save all the designs that you have. You can also download designs from the internet or USB into the machine through the USB port.

With 9 embroidery lettering fonts, you have different options when it comes to decorating your projects. You may choose capital or small letters, numbers or symbols to embellish your fabric. The 3.7 inches colored LCD touchscreen provides you with a large display to view and edit your design. Editing any designs can be done right on the screen and previewed before it is crafted. The color of the thread can also be changed from the available pallets. There is no doubt these are wonderful features. The machine has a maximum sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute.

Some other features include the jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin that is easy to set up and load. There is the 4” x 4” large embroidery working space to give you enough room to comfortably spread and work on your fabric. The work area is brightly lit with a built-in LED light. This helps with visibility when sewing in the dark or working with dark fabrics. It comes with a free arm to help you handle stuff like the collar, cuffs and sleeves. The difficulties experienced when threading the needle is a thing of the past with the automatic needle threader. Needle threading is easy and instant with no eye strains. Brother SE600 has plenty of accessories which include 7 sewing feet such as buttonhole, overcasting, zipper, monogramming, spring action zigzag, blind stitch and button sewing feet. Other accessories are dust cover, needle pack, embroidery hoop, bobbins, foot controller and embroidery foot. This machine has a limited warranty of 25 years.

  • Easy to use and learn with readymade video tutorials
  • Extremely versatile and highly functional
  • Jam-resistant bobbin system
  • Easy to import designs from the USB device
  • 3.7-inch colored LCD screen
  • Bright LED lights for illumination
  • Comes with an automatic needle threader
  • It is a bit expensive
  • System errors can hamper the machine’s functionality.
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SINGER Futura XL400

Easily and conveniently personalize your projects with the SINGER Futura XL 400. The machine stands out from the crowd especially for beginners who want something easy to set up and learn. Its sleek design doesn’t diminish its performance and functionality. It is very rich in features. The SwiftSmart threading system threads the needle with ease. It is just a matter of pressing the threading lever and the needle is threaded automatically. With the drop and sew bobbin system, there is no need for the pulling out of the bobbin. Just insert it and put the thread into the channel and begin to sew.

When it comes to the number of stitches, the machine has 30 built-in stitches alongside two one-step buttonholes. This is a lot of stitch options for a beginner to accomplish a variety of projects by allowing you to exceed beyond what you learned in sewing. It allows for the adjustment of width and length to help you make fancier stitches beyond the usual. For embroidery designs, 125 built-in embroidery designs with outline lettering and 5 fonts give you a lot of patterns to choose from. You can also import your favorite designs into the machine using a USB cable. All the designs can be edited from the computer screen so you get satisfied before pushing a button to create the design.

With the multi-hoop capacity feature, your imagination can run wide. No matter how big your imagination is, this feature gives you the latitude to embroider any fabric up to 18 and ½ by 11 inches. There are 6 LED lights to illuminate your work for excellent visibility. The extra-large sewing space provides a lot of space for quilting and other large projects like bedspreads, tablecloths and dresses. Part of the accessories includes 7 feet which are the zipper foot, embroidery foot, button sewing foot, all-purpose foot, satin stitch foot, blind hem foot and buttonhole. Other accessories are a pack of needles, thread spool caps, class 15J bobbins, auxiliary spool pin, spool felt pin, screwdrivers, scissors, USB cable, seam ripper/lint brush, DVD instructional guide, foot control and power cord. The machine supports Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 operating system. There is a 25-year limited warranty on the machine head and a 5-year warranty on electronic components.

  • There is a speed control for precise sewing
  • The control panel allows for ease of use
  • It comes with automatic tension
  • Easy needle threading with an automatic needle threader
  • The importation of designs can be done through the USB port
  • This is a 4-in-1 for quilting, embroidery, sewing and serging machine
  • Built-in tutorial and DVD instructional guide for quick setup
  • No support for Mac desktop computer
  • No automatic thread cutter
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Brother LB6800PRW

Enjoy true versatility and reliability with the Brother LB6800PRW. This machine comes with a combination of embroidery and sewing advantages. It is an excellent choice for beginners who are going to enjoy the versatility of 70 built-in designs to create different designs to embellish any fabrics. The machine supports connectivity to a computer so you can import your desired designs if you don’t fancy any of the designs that came with the machine. You can also edit the design to suit your taste before sending it to the machine to create. With 67 built-in stitches, you can allow your creativity to go wide. There are 120 frame combinations with 5 lettering fonts to create different patterns. The sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute makes it easy for any user to accomplish any sewing and embroidery projects on time.

One of the greatest advantages of the Brother LB6800PRW is its automatic thread cutter. With the thread cutter, using the scissors for cutting the thread at the end of every sewn fabric is not necessary. For consistent and hassle-free threading, the bobbin and top thread are easy to thread. To easily get started with the machine, there are built-in tutorials that can be watched from the LCD screen. There is also a user manual printed in both Spanish and English languages.

The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty for long-lasting use. Assorted accessories include 7 feet which comprise buttonhole foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, embroidery foot, blind stitch foot and button fitting foot. Other accessories are embroidery arm, softcover, 4” x 4” embroidery hoop and USB cable.

  • Made with built-in automatic thread cutter
  • It is exceptionally versatile
  • There is a wide embroidery area
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy bobbin threading
  • Excellent sewing speed
  • Compatibility with the computer for design importation
  • No support for Mac operating system
  • Bobbin issues and breaking of needles
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Brother SE1900

Make the most of your embroidery and sewing machine with the Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine. This machine improves your creativity by allowing you to create impressive projects from the scratch with its 240 built-in stitches which include a variety of decorative stitches and 1-step buttonholes of 10 styles. There are 11 pre-programmed fonts to work with comprising 7 English fonts, 3 Japanese fonts and 1 Cyrillic font. It also has 138 built-in embroidery designs.

With the large LCD color touchscreen display, you can easily view and edit any of the built-in designs. You can also import your desired designs gotten from the internet or other sources into the machine using the built-in USB port. The drop-in bobbin system does not require you to remove the case. Just drop the bobbin case into the jam-resistant system and start sewing. The clear bobbin cover allows you to see when the thread is running low. The machine’s speed is moderate for beginners at 650 stitches per minute.

With the unparallel flexibility to change the colors of your design, make a combination of designs and upload your design, the SE1900 is no doubt a machine with limitless capabilities. Needle threading is stress-free with the automatic needle threader. With the touch of the lever, the needle is threaded with the utmost ease. The LED light provides nice illumination especially when you are working with dark fabrics. Some of the accessories include zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, blind stitch foot and spring action foot. There is a 25-year limited warranty.

  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • Impressive and excellent performance
  • Built with an automatic needle threader.
  • Supports USB port for the importation of designs
  • 650 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • Large LCD touchscreen display
  • 5” x 7” wide embroidery area
  • No automatic thread cutter
  • No endless hoop
  • Needles break on high speed
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SINGER Futura XL580

The SINGER Futura XL580 is everything you are looking for in an embroidery and sewing machine as a beginner or professional. With a wide variety of 250 built-in embroidery designs with outline lettering and 5 fonts, you have no reason to complain. You can combine multiple designs and edit them before they are designed. There are also 215 built-in stitches alongside two fully automatic 1-step buttonholes. You don’t have to sew in the dark with an LED light that provides superior visibility thereby eliminating eye strains when working on dark fabrics. Say goodbye to frustrations when manually threading the needle. The automatic needle threader threads the needle with the push of a lever. One of the highpoints of the Futura XL580 is the endless hoop that allows you to make border designs on draperies, tablecloths and fashions.

With the AutoPunch, images can be converted to embroidery within the twinkle of an eye. The drop and sew bobbin system doesn’t require you to pull out the bobbin. All you need to do is to insert the bobbin, place the thread in the channel and begin to sew. The knee lifter is another excellent feature. It allows you to raise and lower presser foot whenever you are quilting or embroidering. To create oversized designs, the machine comes with multiple loop capability. There is a whole lot of accessories including all-purpose foot, embroidery foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, button sewing foot, buttonhole foot with underplate, USB cable, thread spool nets, auxiliary spool pin, thread spool caps, scissors, pack of needles, bobbins, seam ripper/lint brush, screwdrivers and vinyl accessory bag.

  • It comes with an endless hoop and knee lifter
  • There are built-in tutorials to get started
  • The automatic needle threading system
  • Bonus software for the creation of your designs
  • Designs can be imported through the USB port
  • There are bright LED lights for visibility
  • The machine is compact and portable
  • It is expensive
  • No automatic thread cutter
  • The tension system is difficult to adjust
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EverSewn Sparrow X

The EverSewn Sparrow X is a state-of-the-art embroidery and sewing machine. With built-in Wi-Fi, this machine is in a world of its own. You can customize your designs from your smart device with the intuitive EverSewn Pro app. Editing any designs is easy to personalize your projects. There are 100 embroidery designs and 120 stitches to choose from. It comes with an automatic thread cutter to cut off jump stitches with ease. There is also an automatic needle threader to eliminate the headache and frustration that come with manual needle threading. This is a versatile machine. The moment you remove the embroidery arm and close the mobile app, what you get is a normal sewing machine.

At a speed of 650 stitches per minute, you can get your projects done pretty fast. There is a speed adjustment for the ease of controlling the machine’s speed. The one-step buttonhole makes it super easy to create plenty of buttons. At the bed of the machine is a storage compartment that you can use to store needles, bobbins, screwdrivers and other accessories. The Sparrow X is easy to use for beginners since it is equipped with a control panel on the machine’s surface.

Make sure to use stabilizers to prevent the needle from bending or breaking. You don’t need extra lights for visibility. It has bright light to illuminate the stitching area. The LED light makes a lot of sense when working with dark fabrics. With the extension table, you can conveniently sew long fabrics such as curtains and dresses. There is a 10-year limited warranty on mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electrical parts.

  • The intuitive EverSewn Pro app supports both Apple and Android devices
  • There is a control panel for ease of use
  • Built-in automatic thread cutter and needle threader
  • It comes with a built-in storage compartment
  • It is versatile and sturdy
  • Provides great performance with quality stitches
  • The excellent sewing speed of 650 SPM
  • A bit pricey
  • Tension adjustment is difficult to adjust

Buyer’s Guide

A sewing and embroidery combo machine is a great choice if you sew, embroider and do the quilting. Whether you are sewing designs on a towel or making embroidery designs on a shirt, you will find the best sewing and embroidery machine that will make your projects easy and fun. There are plenty of these machines in the market with great features. But how do you make the right choice? This is why this buying guiding is made so you can make a happy choice. If you are contemplating purchasing a sewing and embroidery machine, these are things you have to consider.

Built-in Stitches

The number of built-in stitches gives you a lot of advantages when it comes to stitching options. The higher the number of stitches, the merrier for you.

Automatic Functions

When looking for a sewing and embroidery machine, it is important to look for one with some automatic functions. To manually do embroidery is very difficult except you are an experienced person. Automatic tension is one feature you must have in a machine to do embroidery with a lot of ease. Other automatic functions include an automatic thread cutter and an automatic needle threader. These automatic functions are excellent features for both beginners and experts alike.

Embroidery Sewing Speed

Speed is an extremely nice feature you must check out for in a machine if you want to accomplish your projects quickly. For beginners, 650 stitches per minute are appropriate and from 850 to 1,000 stitches per minute is ideal for professionals. Speed is nothing without control. The machine must also have speed control.

Spacious Embroidery Area

A machine with a small embroidery area can make your project extremely difficult. A large embroidery area brings a lot of ease and convenience to the life of a sewer. The larger the embroidery area, the better the designs you will be able to create. While the standard embroidery area is 4 inches by 4 inches, an embroidery machine like the Brother SE 1900 is ideal since it has 5 inches by 7 inches embroidery area. The SINGER Futura models in our review come with multiple hoop features that give you a larger embroidery area.

The Number of Built-in Embroidery Designs

The number of built-in embroidery designs provides you with plenty of choices. In case you are not satisfied with the built-in embroidery designs, you can import your designs gotten from the internet or elsewhere if the machine has USB support. The designs can be edited before they are created.

The Number of Lettering Fonts

Look out for the number of lettering fonts. These fonts work in tandem with the embroidery designs to create wonderful fabric embellishments. The lettering fonts are perfect for the creation of designs on caps, handkerchiefs and other small projects using initials and letters.

Connectivity to the Computer

It is advisable to purchase an embroidery machine that can be connected to the computer through a USB cable. Such a machine must have a USB port. This allows you to import your designs into the sewing machine. There are plenty of embroidery designs that you can download from the Internet and download them into the embroidery machine with a flash drive.

LCD Touchscreen

The LCD touchscreen displays the designs that you want to stitch. Some Brother Sewing and Embroidery machines like the Brother SE1900 come with a colored touchscreen. You can edit your design from the touchscreen. Choose a machine with coloured and large LCD touchscreen for proper viewing.

LED Lights

Accuracy and precision are important with embroidery designs. You need a lot of concentration when working on any project. You must have good eyesight and the working area must be well lit. Look for a machine with the right lighting system to illuminate the needle area properly. With the LED lights, you will have clear visibility even when you are working with dark materials. Choose an embroidery machine with at least 6 lights.


Warranty covers the machine in case there is any damage done to it within the warranty period. Always look for a sewing/embroidery machine that comes with a warranty if you value peace of mind. Brands like SINGER and Brother offer a 25-year limited warranty on the mechanical parts of the machine.

Bunch of Accessories

Accessories are like the icing on the cake for any machine. Accessories should have different feet like zipper foot, embroidery foot, button sewing foot, all-purpose foot, satin stitch foot, blind hem foot and buttonhole. Other accessories are a pack of needles, thread spool caps, bobbins, auxiliary spool pin, and spool felt pin. There should also be screwdrivers, scissors, USB cable, seam ripper/lint brush, foot control, softcover and power cord.

Ease of Use

The machine should be easy to use straight from the box. For easy setup, it should come with DVD instructions and written manuals in different languages. The manufacturer should also have an excellent customer support system.

Needle Position

With this feature, the needle and the stitching line can be moved from left to right and the needle can be up or down when you stop. The presser foot is easy to lift when the needle is down without experiencing any jump stitch.

Top-loading Bobbin

The bobbin system should be easy to load without removing the bobbin. Just open the panel and drop the thread and the bobbin threads automatically.


The cost of an embroidery sewing machine would depend on the functions, features and specifications. The basic ones have fewer features and are within budget while the high-end ones will cost more. These machines can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the adorning or embellishment of garments. It is the decoration of garments with ornamental needlework.

What is the best sewing and embroidery machine for beginners?

We recommend the EverSewn Sparrow X

What bobbin type is compatible with my embroidery machine?

The best way is to find out your embroidery machine’s bobbin style or type.

What garments can you stitch with an embroidery machine?

You can stitch soft fabrics that can fit under the machine

Where do you find the right instructions about your embroidery machine?

To avoid frustration, the best place to find instruction regarding your embroidery machine is the manufacturer’s manual.

Where can you get embroidery designs?

You can get plenty of editable embroidery designs on the internet for free.


Choosing by reading this article can still be a tough task even if you are professional. We understand your dilemma. After 72 hours of research, we can recommend you the best sewing and embroidery machine that will stand the test of time.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, we recommend the Brother SE1900 for its wide embroidery area of 5 x7 inches, 138 built-in designs, 240 built-in stitches and a large colored LCD touchscreen. Another machine you can choose is the SINGER Futura XL580 with 250 built-in embroidery designs, 215 built-in stitches and a knee lifter.

One machine that goes beyond the features of these two machines is the EverSewn Sparrow X with its built-in Wi-Fi. It has 650 stitches per minute, EverSewn Pro mobile app for editing designs, 100 built-in embroidery designs and 120 built-in stitches.

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