How to Choose an Embroidery Machine

How to Choose an Embroidery MachineChoosing an embroidery machine requires some research before you buy one. There are many technical aspects that need to be considered when you are in the market. An embroidery machine will cause some expenditure for you and every bit of expenditure must be judged wisely. This article is for you to have an understanding of the primary knowledge of a quality embroidery machine.

There are many aspects depending on which you can make a decision whether or not you buy a machine. We’ll describe those points in short. You have to make your own decision as per the requirements that are important for your own needs. Not necessarily every machine needs all these criteria. Basically, it will depend on you whether any particular feature is necessary or not. So, what are those features?

How to Choose an Embroidery Machine

The basic features that are important for a buyer when they want to buy an embroidery machine are:

Brand Name

Every well-known brand is good to choose. All of them provide quality products. The difference may be in their after-sale services. For that, you may check their forums and blogs for previous customer experiences. Besides, the dealer is really important as they are the via medium through which you’ll get the customer service and other help. So, choose a good dealer with better support and facility.

Business or Home Use

People generally buy an embroidery machine for two purposes. Business need or home use. The business models are capable of doing a large chunk of works without taking any break. And, the home models are more sophisticated ones as they deliver a small number of works with larger variations.

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Throat Width Variations

Throat width is really important for any machine as you get some more room to move which allows you to use a large hoop. It is also ideal for any kind of machine quilting.

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Embroidery Unit Attachment

Some machine has the ability to attach the embroidery unit separately to the original sewing machine. If you want that kind of feature then look for a machine that offers you those functions. It is very handy to have those flexibilities.

Hoop Size Variation

There are many hoop sizes that are available for you with the machine. Some are small whereas some are quite large. With a bigger hoop size machine, you are capable of working on a large embroidery design or project. So, be very cautious about that.

Available Accessories

After you buy an embroidery machine, you may want to add some accessories with that. So, the facility needs to be there. Some attachments, a quilting table or presser feet may need to be attached with it. Basically, the idea is to buy a machine that offers you to grow with further addition.

Embroidery Design Built-in or Addable

There are some embroidery machines that have some built-in designs with them. In that case, you don’t have the flexibility of adding any further design. They will only work on those designs saved into the memory. So, you need to check whether they have the option or not. Besides, you need to know the file loading system of the machine. Does it load from a computer directly or from a thumb file? Those are some important features that need to be checked.

Transfer Portal Variation

In the early time, there would be floppy disks for transferring any files from any computer to the embroidery machine. Sometimes there would be a data card or a magic box. Nowadays there are modern techniques. So, check the transfer portal system for your machine.

Software Digitization

To have the whole range of designs workable through your machine, you need to digitize them first. Then you will need to customize as per your requirements. Finally, you will have your own design ready for you. There is a variety of software that can support you with your work. You can work very detail with that software. Some of them are brand specific and some are compatible with all of the machines.

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Manufacturer Class Availability

There are some dealers that offer some classes on the basic functions of a machine. You can learn from that in the initial state. After you are familiar with the basic operations, then you can learn from the technical or project classes.

Must-have List

There are some special requirements for every buyer that can be called the must-have list. Certain functions hold very high value to that particular customer. You need to check your own must-have list and judge the product based on that. Some may like an automatic thread cutting system, whereas some prefer a bobbin winding from the needle. So, what are your priorities?

Warranty and Service

Warranty and other service facilities are tremendously important as they will be really helpful for having an after-sale service. A good dealer has the ability to provide you with awesome technical support or service if you need any. If there is no such facility, then you will need to ship your product to the manufacturer for any customer support. That will be really costly, time-consuming and risky.

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End Words

Every penny is valuable and needs to be spent wisely. So, pick the right embroidery machine with your money when you need one. There are so many factors that may be considered while you are making a purchase decision. You need to choose very carefully according to your needs. The things that are important for you need to be taken seriously. Some may offer many fancy facilities that may have no value to you. Don’t spend your money on those unnecessary functions. Have a good buy!

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